At ‘Goober’ (North American term for peanuts), we specialize in the making of tasty and healthy roasted peanuts for the sake of fulfilling those uncalled cravings of munching something sweet and salty, be it in the middle of the night, in the car, during celebrations or merely at a sleepover. We stand apart from all other peanut manufacturers in terms of taste and quality standards, ensuring high-quality peanuts production, considering only the excellent peanut shells are processed into the making of our mouthwatering roasted peanuts. With organic and delicious flavour-packed elements, our vast range of finger-licking good flavours from Tiramisu to Thai Sweet Chili to Teekha Tomato to Baked Onion will make you go nuts and crave for more.


Our mission is to become the global leader in the peanut selling industry by providing affordable and supreme quality roasted peanuts worldwide.


To win the trust of consumers within and beyond the Indian borders with supreme quality of peanuts.

Quality Policy

  • We are HACCP ISO 22000-Certified.
  • We ensure 100% safety by using modern equipment.
  • We follow strict precautionary measures for cleanliness. 
  • All products are meticulously handled and packaged with nitrogen for optimum shelf life.