Baked Onion & Garlic

Real, raw and flavourful taste with the right amount of spice.


Aromatic zest of your favorite biryani in a rice-free way.

Chilli Garlic

Fresh Aroma of garlic with the blend of spicy chilli.

Thai Sweet Chilli

Sweet, Gar’Licky’ and Spicy, a versatile flavour for all moods.


The intense flavour of coffee and sugar for the sweet munching.

Delicious Masala

A burst of flavours in your mouth in every munch

Ginger Wasabi

Hot taste of wasabi with the delightful ginger fragrance.

Honey Cardamom

The zesty citrus flavour of cardamom with the sweetness of honey.

Khatta Meetha

The jumble of sour and sweetness in every chew.

Pani Puri

The street pani-puri experience in a pack of peanuts.

Peri Peri

The hot and spicy peri-peri to kick the right flavour to your taste bud.


Dive into the pool of savory and spicy flavours.

Smoked Chilli Cheese

The roasted smoky flavour of cheese and chilli, say Chilli Cheese, please!

Sweet Smoky Barbeque

Experience sweet, sour, smoky and spicy, all at once.

Teekha Tomato

Savor every moment with the perfect blend of spice and tanginess.